Re: [bascom] PWM and Mega128.

From Dennis Clark <>
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 09:30:43 -0600
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Check the data sheets and hack the m128 include file to include that
keyword.  I did this with the first m8535 include file that came out
with a beta .


Dimitriy Borzenko wrote:
Hi !
This is was my first idea, but Pwm3a not reserved word, and that is why not
solved at problem.
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it is not part of the bascom.
you will have to set the registers your self.

try Pwm3a first.
it may work, have not tried to use it though.

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Hi All !!!
How can I use Timer3 of Mega128 for PWM ?
Pwm1a - reserved word of Bascom and I used it with 8535.
May be "Pwm1a" I can use for Mega128 and Timer1, but I need to use Timer3
for PWM out. "Timer3" in the Bascom not highlighted. Anybody have example
how to use Timer3 of Mega128 for PWM ?

Best regards.

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